Sept 2021- update

We have resumed shipping to the US, Canada, Australia, Norway and New Zealand.

We have PERMANENTLY ceased trading to all EU countries. Click Here.

The GPZ Zone

Welcome to the GPZ Zone - the spiritual home of the mighty GPZ 900R.

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We offer a comprehensive online shopping facility for all of the water cooled GPZ's,  technical support and we administer the GPZ 900R Owners Club.

In concentrating solely on the supply of spares and accessories for these wonderful machines, we are uniquely placed to offer prompt delivery from stock, unbiased and well founded advice, as well as maintain a competitive pricing structure with no compromise in service.

We also stock popular spares for other more modern Kawasaki street machines.

Since 1995 we have built an enviable reputation for our total commitment to the GPZ 900R, a commitment that has slowly been extended to all models of GPZ.


Float Bowl Gasket

Float Bowl Gasket

A replacement Float Bowl Gasket suitable for all GPZ's. The aftermarket option is manufactured in th..

£5.40 Ex Tax: £4.50

Anti Dive Unit Repair Kit

Anti Dive Unit Repair Kit

These kits are unique to The GPZ Zone and contain a selection of components to overhaul TWO anti div..

£11.94 Ex Tax: £9.95

Carburettor Rubber Cylinders 1 & 3

Carburettor Rubber Cylinders 1 & 3

The inlet rubbers between the air-filter box and the carburettors harden over time, and quickly beco..

£15.12 Ex Tax: £12.60

Fork Repair Kit

Fork Repair Kit

A Tourmax kit comprising 1 upper fork bush, 1 x lower fork bush, 1 x fork oil seal, 1 x fork dust se..

£31.00 Ex Tax: £25.83