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  • Carburettor Repair Kit - Full

This kit is manufactured by Keyster and features all of the components needed to overhaul a single carburettor.

Includes Float bowl gasket,  Needle, Needle jet,  Fuel shut off valve,  Pilot jet (#35),  Pilot jet adjuster screw, spring, washer & O ring. Main jet (130).

One kit will be required per carburettor.

Modern fuel contains Ethanol which reacts adversely to many rubber compounds, Kawasaki OE, and aftermarket float bowl gaskets are no exception. It is important that float bowl gaskets are fitted dry otherwise they risk swelling and becoming oversize.  If this happens - leave them for 24 hours and they will return to their correct size.

Alternatively consider using our Nitrile Gaskets which are made in the UK to our specification - these are considerably less susceptible to swelling.

GPZ 500S - all models

Carburettor Repair Kit - Full

  • Brands Keyster
  • Product Code: CARB 005
  • Availability: In Stock
  • £25.30

  • Ex Tax: £21.08