May 2021- update

Due to ongoing problems with EU Customs authorities and the fact that the Europe remains in lockdown we have suspended ALL overseas orders - indefinitely.

En raison de problèmes persistants avec les autorités douanières de l'UE et du fait que le Royaume-Uni reste sous verrouillage national, nous avons suspendu TOUTES les commandes à l'étranger - indéfiniment.

A causa dei continui problemi con le autorità doganali dell'UE e del fatto che il Regno Unito rimane bloccato a livello nazionale, abbiamo sospeso TUTTI gli ordini all'estero - a tempo indeterminato.

Aufgrund der anhaltenden Probleme mit den EU-Zollbehörden und der Tatsache, dass Großbritannien weiterhin in der nationalen Sperrung ist, haben wir ALLE Bestellungen aus Übersee auf unbestimmte Zeit ausgesetzt.

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GPZ 750R

GPZ 750R

Spares and accessories for Kawasaki GPZ 750R motorcycles.

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GPZ 750R Service items...
Cooling system
Spares for the GPZ 750R's cooling system..
Cables & Controls
Control cables, handlebar grips, levers and switchgear for the GPZ 750R..
Fuel & Carburettors
Fuel tap, repair kits, fuel tank and carburettor spares for the GPZ 750R...
Spares for the GPZ 750R G2-G3 Braking system...
Ignition System
Spares for the GPZ 750R's Ignition system and starter circuit...
Mirrors & Indicators
Mirrors and indicators for the GPZ 750R...
Clutch & Gearlever
Clutch assembly spares, Gaskets, Friction plates, and controls for the GPZ 750R...
Steering & Handlebars
GPZ 750R Steering & Handlebar spares...
Front and rear Suspension spares for the GPZ 750R...
Chains & Sprockets
Chains, sprockets, Kits and allied spares for all models of the GPZ 750R...
Electrical & Lighting
Electrical & Lighting spares for the GPZ 750R...
Gaskets & Oil Seals
Gaskets and Engine Oil seals for the GPZ 750R...
Camchain, tensioners, pistons, engine casings and all engine parts for the GPZ 7..
A selection of plastic bodywork, screens, infills, rubber dampers and the nuts a..
Exhaust System
   Replacement exhaust gaskets pipework and silencers for the GPZ 750R..
Wheels & Tyres
Wheels, wheel bearings, speedometer and tyres for the GPZ 750R...
Footrests  & Stands
Footrests & Stands for the GPZ 750R...
Tools & Workshop
A well equipped workshop adds to the joys of owning a GPZ and the right selectio..
A collection of buying mistakes, dead stock and end of line clearance items. ..