After 28 years of looking after  GPZ Owners from across the world, The GPZ Zone has closed down.  

Trading in recent years has been tough,  Covid 19, Brexit and a failing UK economy being the obvious challenges, add to that a shrinking market,  a diminishing supply of stock,  perpetually increasing prices, taxes, overheads and the incessant bureaucratic demands of HM Government give you all of the ingredients that have served to help me to take the decision to close the business down. 

As of August 31st 2023 The GPZ Zone stopped taking orders.


It goes without saying that the business has had it's ups and downs over the years,  thankfully it's been mainly ups, but lately the downs are easily winning the day and it's time to be honest and acknowledge that and move towards a retirement that redresses the balance.

Thank you everyone for your support, ride safely -  I wish you all well.


The GPZ Zone. 

  • DID Chain & Sprocket Kit  - ENDLESS Chain

A Heavy duty DID X ring Chain and Sprocket Kit from DID - world leaders in motorcycle chain development.

Kit comprises:- 1 x DID 530VX3 x112  X ring ENDLESS chain, 1 x steel front sprocket, 1 x steel rear sprocket.

Select model and choose from plain steel or Gold coloured chain.

For improved safety, we recommend the use of Endless chains wherever possible.

The GPZ 900R is one of few motorcycles where it is possible to fit an endless chain without having to remove the swinging arm beforehand.

For this reason, and for added safety and reliability, we strongly recommend that wherever possible an endless chain is fitted.

GPZ 900R - all models GPZ 900R A1-A6 models use 17T front & 49T rear sprockets. GPZ 900R A7-A8 models use 17T front & 48T rear sprockets.

DID Chain & Sprocket Kit - ENDLESS Chain

  • Brands DID
  • Product Code: CSK900/901/E/EG
  • Availability: 2-3 Days
  • £120.00

  • Ex Tax: £100.00

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