Overseas orders

A statement on overseas orders.

The Covid pandemic has been challenging for everyone and deliveries worldwide have been delayed extensively. This, combined with the constant rule changes on EU orders since BREXIT has been the perfect storm and attempting to trade through these difficulties has proven impossible, not only for us, but very many UK biusinesses.

Extensive delays in overseas deliveries has led to disattisfaction with many customers and for EU customers, the charging of inbound VAT by their country's customs authorities has led to parcels being refused at the doorstep and returned to us at our expense. 

No UK VAT is paid on overseas orders, VAT is collected at the point of delivery by the customer's local customs authority. 

Unfortunately this is not yet universally understood and many EU customers believe that they are paying VAT twice, this is not true.

On 1st July the laws regarding EU VAT changed once again - something which we and many other UK businesses knew nothing about until the day it became mandatory -1st July. 

We understand that our claim to offer Global support to GPZ Owners is being challenged, but in these circumstances we have decided to concentrate on the domestic UK market until such times as the difficulties created by COVID ease - at which point we will resume overseas trading. We do not know when we will resume overseas trading. The situation is under constant review.

It's not ideal but that's the situation we find ourselves in and we need to keep ticking over before we can ease the throttle open a little further.

EU customers

23rd  July 2021 -  We have decided to stop trading with the EU permanently - excessive delays and difficulties have made the situation unworkable.  VAT is now payable to the destination country's customs authority upon delivery and when faced with this doorstep charge EU customers mistakenly believe that they are paying VAT twice, this is not true.  The delays caused by Covid and the diffciulties with new EU VAT arrangement make trading with EU countries too difficult.

23 juillet 2021 - Nous avons décidé d'arrêter définitivement le commerce avec l'UE - des retards et des difficultés excessifs ont rendu la situation impraticable. La TVA est désormais payable à l'autorité douanière du pays de destination lors de la livraison et face à cette charge de porte-à-porte, les clients de l'UE pensent à tort qu'ils paient la TVA deux fois, ce n'est pas vrai. Les retards causés par Covid et les difficultés avec le nouveau régime de TVA de l'UE rendent les échanges avec les pays de l'UE trop difficiles.

23 luglio 2021 - Abbiamo deciso di interrompere definitivamente il commercio con l'UE: ritardi e difficoltà eccessivi hanno reso la situazione impraticabile. L'IVA è ora pagabile all'autorità doganale del paese di destinazione al momento della consegna e di fronte a questo addebito porta a porta i clienti dell'UE credono erroneamente di pagare l'IVA due volte, questo non è vero. I ritardi causati dal Covid e le difficoltà con il nuovo regime IVA dell'UE rendono troppo difficili gli scambi con i paesi dell'UE.

23. Juli 2021 - Wir haben beschlossen, den Handel mit der EU dauerhaft einzustellen - übermäßige Verzögerungen und Schwierigkeiten haben die Situation unbrauchbar gemacht. Die Mehrwertsteuer ist jetzt bei der Lieferung an die Zollbehörde des Ziellandes zu zahlen, und wenn EU-Kunden mit dieser Haustürgebühr konfrontiert werden, glauben sie fälschlicherweise, dass sie Mehrwertsteuer doppelt zahlen, ist dies nicht der Fall. Die durch Covid verursachten Verzögerungen und die Schwierigkeiten mit der neuen EU-Mehrwertsteuerregelung machen den Handel mit EU-Ländern zu schwierig.


Non EU customers (US,AUS,NZ etc)

As at 12th Sept 2021 we have resumed deliveries to these areas.

We remind customers that the reduction in International air-freight capacity caused by National lock-downs is delaying order deliveries by many weeks.  With all countries implementing different measures of Covid lockdown at different times, we are finding that the delivery of overseas orders is now exceptionally slow.


Stock levels

Due to massive demand throughout 2020, we currently only have 50-60% of our normal stock holding and the delays in replenishing it are considerable.